people are amazing.

lately, my life has been a daytime drama.

he won’t admit to it.But i know he did it. She constantly tells me her story. I can’t figure out if she does it for shock value. To hurt me. or for her own catharsis.  but i started reading her words carefully today and saw my writing in hers. She is like a chamelon. She has no life/ thought/idea of her own.

She wanted “my man”, she wants my life. Yet when i offer my presence for her to meet me, so she can finally see who i am. Not to fight, b/c i’m not that bitch. But to meet her, so she can see the magic/ the mystery is not what she thinks it is. She cowers…They all cower.  There is not much you can do from behind your words when your point of attraction finally decides to stop writing and meet you face to face. Whatcha gon’ do now?

people are amazing to me. how they shift their shapes and mold their words and i am sure some people find me just as amazing. But im trying to maintain consistency here. So i’m writing in a new blog. She doesn’t know about. maybe i can still express myself freely on this worldwide web without fearing that someone may try to steal something else from me.

all i can say is thank god i know who i am and i know i never have fully presented myself to anyone except those who deserve to know me fully. thank god. u don’t know me. so you can steal my smile from me too.



~ by jamilaj. on June 23, 2007.

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