can’t help but wait….

you ever feel like your on the cusp of greatness?
every once in a while i feel it.. but lately it’s been a more consistent feeling. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.

I’ve been attempting to “get my mind right” so i’ve been reading alot of positive literature. i “stumbled” upon this book that is very enlighting called “Letters from the Universe” but those who know, know that nothing is by coincidence and when the student is ready.. well… the universe and its teachers have a field day like a monsoon on your life.. so change is coming and it’s exciting 🙂

I’ve also been researching the books that the movie ” The Secret” is based on and lots of the books are so old that they are no public domain and available online.

So take a look at As a Man Thinketh and ‘The Science of Getting Rich’

my music dreams are manifesting themselves in a beautiful way and im linked up with some very talented creative souls it’s all very exciting in it’s own special way…

expecting beautiful things to unfold before me


on that note.. the new video from treysongz.. i like this yungin’ 😉


~ by jamilaj. on September 2, 2007.

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