for once

the pain is no longer
here to remind me
of why
the void
the blank
the silence
within me
dream deferred
desire is
the evidence of
future action
implanted purpose
god/dess reminding me
that They named us
me,myself & i
and we are to
be creators
don’t detractors
of beauty
got off the path
got distracted
by sideshows and carnival tricks
the snake girl and the bearded lady
were nice enough
but odd traveling companions
drew too much attention
away from the purpose of this journey
got my GPS
redirecting me back to
Easy Street and Amazing Freeway
got paths to cross
and loves to ignite
children to entertain
and babies to kiss
got old mean to glean hearty
deep belly laughters of wisdom
and sassy old women to get blueprints from
for future endeavors
got silver hairs to earn
and bridges to burn
it’s too late
but for once
im taking my time..
for once..
it’s going to be allright
to smell the roses
and take the path in brickhouse stride
(c)2007 JJWF aka bbj


~ by jamilaj. on September 9, 2007.

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